Foodora: a personal insight from experienced riders

Have you seen those food delivery riders with the neon pink jackets all over your city and have you been wondering where to score the same one? Do not look any further, Foodora can hook you up! And, on top of that, they will pay you! For this article, we interviewed three experienced Foodora delivery riders, who will share their knowledge on being a food delivery rider for Foodora, ranging from the team spirit to the hiring process!

Interested in becoming a food delivery rider for Foodora? Check out Foodora's website and apply for what could possibly be your dream job!

What is it like working for Foodora?

Arthur: "It is a good company! The pay is good, the job is very flexible and it is easy to fit in any kind of schedule."

Tiago"Firstly, it is very simple. You just need to follow the steps in the Foodora app "RoadRunner", and you don't need to handle money, it happens all online.

Secondly, it is very convenient, you can basically choose when to work, and easily plan a holiday (if done beforehand). For instance, if you are planning to travel, or you have an exam week, you can just request an absence in the Foodora app!

Lastly, it is enjoyable! You will exercise, get to know people, and even participate in Foodora social gatherings."

Jaroslaw: "The job is flexible and you work with a lot of your peers. On top of that, the people at the office are also very helpful and friendly, making it easy and more approachable to sort out any "problematic" situations."


What is the hiring procedure like for becoming a food delivery rider for Foodora?

Arthur: "I was one of the first people who were hired in my city (Leiden) and back then the hiring process was simpler. I just had a powerpoint presentation and had to come help on the first hour of the job. Now, there are test rides, online examination and an extensive evaluation of the candidates. Of course, it is still fairly easy to "pass" for all these steps, as long as your a motivated!"

Tiago: "It is rather straightforward. If you already meet the requirements, you just need to fill out an online questionnaire. After this, you will be called in for a meeting to understand more about the job itself, and to do a “test-drive”, to see how you cycle."

Jaroslaw: "It kind of depends on the season, in summer when there are more applicants, its' more complicated (you have to have a test-drive). But in general it's very simple and quick ( everything happens trough on line forms), and after being invited for a meeting in real life, you will shortly after be ready to start working!"


Do you work a lot in teams? If so, how is the general vibe within the team?

Arthur: "I would say that the Foodora team in my city (Leiden) is united, but that may not apply to bigger cities. We sometimes go to parties and get together, but during the job itself we are mostly on our own."

Tiago: "As a rider, you rarely work in teams. Sometimes when the orders are big, you are requested to do a “double-pick up”. This means, you will have to share the order with another rider. I really like when that happens, because I can have a conversation with the other rider in the meantime, and catch-up with them."

Jaroslaw: "I almost never work in teams. We do, however, have a WhatsApp group, but it is being used more to inform us about changes etc. In general, during your actual working hours, you will not have that much contact with your colleagues."

Do you have any team building activities at Foodora? If so, which ones and how is the general vibe during those activities?

Arthur: "Foodora gives us money for a team reunion every couple of months so we can always have a good relationship with our co-workers!"

Tiago: "I’ve worked as a captain for a promotion team. For this task, we would try persuading people to become riders in Amsterdam. It was very fun, since it is more relative to my studies (Psychology). I got to work with some of my friends, which turned it into an overall great experience!"

Jaroslaw: "Sometimes Foodora organizes special events. The general vibe at those gatherings is always very friendly and informal."


How do you schedule your shifts? Do you get a lot of freedom?

Arthur: "I can work or not work whenever I choose to. We can simply schedule in which days we are available and even when something comes up, there is always someone willing to cover your shift!"

Tiago: "You have a lot of freedom. One week beforehand, you are required to create your schedule in the Foodora app. There, you can choose the days and time you are available to work. Although you are expected to have some flexibility during the weekends, you can easily swap shifts with other riders."

Jaroslaw: "What makes it so easy at Foodora, is the fact that you can simply give the days and times that you are NOT available, and they will make up a schedule based on your "un" availability and that of your coworkers."


How many hours do you have to work (minimum) at Foodora?"

Arthur: "There is no strict minimum. Of course, they expect you to have a certain availability, but if something comes up, they are also very flexible. This month for example, my bike broke down, so I have not been working."

Tiago: "In general, you are expected to be available for two shifts a week, which amounts to about 6 hours in total. However, since you can swap shifts, and that you might not necessarily get two shifts every week for the days that you are available, it is usually less than 6 hours if you want. Of course, if you want to work many hours, you definitely can!

Jaroslaw: "As my colleagues said, in general they are quite flexible and you can easily pick up more shifts on some weeks whenever you did not work "enough" in a prior week!"


Now that you have gained some more insights into the do's and don'ts at Foodora, you should definitely check out their website and start applying!


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