Flatmates: Pros and Cons of Living With Them

Living together with other people might bring up dozens of questions. You might be asking yourself: Are your they friendly? Do they have any strange habits? Will they be one of those disturbing types? Well, no matter what, you know it will be an exciting and perhaps sometimes an exhausting experience. Don't worry, because this article will give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of living with flatmates.

Here are the pros and cons of living with flatmates!

Pro #1: The beauty of sharing

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This is one of the things you can't dodge. When you are living with people, you are bound to share. You might share your plates, spoons, forks, and sometimes even food! Of course, sometimes you share not only these normal things but also personal stuff. You and your flatmates might share each other's burdens and end up helping each other.

Con #1: Too much sharing crosses "the line"

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A: Hey, have you seen my cake?

B: Yeah, I ate it last night. It was so good!

A: But it's my special celebratory cake!

B: Sharing is caring, right?

This situation will most definitely happen if you share too much. Although, it is good to share, sometimes you just have to remind yourself not to cross "the line". It might be a good idea to keep some things off limits and to yourself.

Pro #2: Discovering each others pet peeves and "dark side" is not a bad thing

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When you live with other people, you will get to know both their good and bad sides. This is normal! Every human being has their differences and these differences are what make us unique. Keep in mind that no one is perfect; we are just trying to be perfect. Just remember to bring your friend back from the dark side once they start crossing the line.

Con #2: Okay...now it's getting quite annoying!

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Although you have to acknowledge your flatmate's peeves, sometimes it can be too much. Maybe your flatmate is too noisy during the night or leaves hair after themselves in the shower. Let's face it, these things can and will annoy you. It would be surprising if they don't. These are the things you'll definitely face. Whether his/her attitude is tolerable depends on you.


Pro #3: You get lifelong friends!

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When living with someone, you will most definitely befriend them. And you get to slightly expand your networking abilities! This is a great advantage of living with flatmates! Lifelong friends that can advise you and help you in your future! Who knows, you guys might end up as business partners, right?

Con #3: But hey, what's not meant to be is not meant to be

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Okay. You don't have to push yourself if you don't match well with them. It's okay! But, now you know you must think twice before living with flatmates, right? Sometimes, what's not meant to be is not meant to be. But, if you would still like to at least make peace with them, explore these tips on how to do it.

So, now you know the pros and cons of having flatmates. Make sure to choose well with whether you want one or not now that you know!

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