Submitting Your Student Finance Application Step by Step

Now that you know what studiefinanciering is, it's time to work on your student finance application. The application procedure is fairly straightforward, and we are here to make it even easier.

Have you met the requirements?

Check to make sure you meet the requirements for student financing. Are you under 30? Enrolled full-time in a Dutch higher education institution? Have you met the nationality requirements? Then you are good to go, and ready to move on to the next steps.

Let's break down the steps one by one.

Image of Dutch student finance applicationHow to I apply for Dutch student finance?

When should I apply?

You should aim to send in your student finance application around 3 months in advance of your studies. Otherwise, you may need to pay part of your tuition fees before your student finance can be processed and approved.

You need a BSN number

To apply for Dutch student finance, you need a BSN; a Dutch citizen service number. You receive this when you register at a Dutch municipality (gemeente), or city hall, which you will find in each city. You need this BSN number to apply for financing, as well as any allowances or to open bank accounts and work. Remember to bring any relevant identity documents and proof of address with you.

Apply for a DigiID

Next, you need a DigiID, which you can get when you have your BSN number. You can apply for your DigiID here. You need this DigiID to log into the online platforms relating to anything from housing allowance to student financing. If you request your DigiID online, you will get your ID approximately 5 days after applying.

Apply on DUO

Now, you are ready to apply for Dutch student finance. To do this, log in to using your DigiID. You must have a DigiID to apply online.

If you are not able to do this online, you can also download and fill out the relevant forms. You can find these forms here (currently, the forms displayed are of the 2016/17 year).

Handing in your forms

To hand in the forms, you must have an appointment with a DUO service desk. When you go to this appointment, remember to bring all the relevant documents and papers with you. You might need all or some of the following:

  • Your student finance application
  • A valid ID (passport, identification card, etc.)
  • Confirmation of your registration at a Dutch city hall

If you are also applying for the supplementary grant, remember to bring:

  • Income statements from the last 3 years
  • Verified copy of your employment contract
  • And, if possible, payslip from previous month from your student job

Apply for the student travel product

When you have received confirmation of your student finance, you are able to apply for the student travel product. This product allows you to travel for free on public transport in the Netherlands. You must apply for a personal OV-chipcard (used instead of 'tickets' on public transport). Remember, you can only use the student travel product with a personal card. Apply for your card here.

Man waiting for train with student travel product