International Student Insurances You Need

Being a student involves a bit more than just choosing your degree and going to classes. You also need to think about things like student finance and taking out loans. An important aspect of getting ready to study in the Netherlands is sorting out your international student insurance. Insurances are vital no matter what sort of situation you are in, working or not. A few of the key insurances you should check out include health insurance, home content and liability, for example. Here, we have outlined the most important insurances and the best student packages.

Medical costs

This is one of the most important types of international student insurance you need to have. If you get sick or need to have emergency treatments, your insurance can cover the (usually very expensive) costs. Many insurances will cover general practitioner appointments, hospital stays, operations, medications, and a lot more. You might also be able to apply for healthcare allowance, meaning that the government helps pay your monthly healthcare fee.



If you cause accidents, for example damaging someone’s property or causing an injury, you can become liable (responsible) for the costs of damage. This also includes the very serious case of you causing car accidents. It is then very important to have insurance that covers the costs for this event.


If you or a member of your family become sick or are in other serious circumstances, you might need to return back home. With a repatriation insurance, your airline tickets or method of travelling back home could be covered. Additionally, some insurances may also cover the travelling costs of your family members if they want to come see you if you are seriously ill.


Home contents

Accidents can also happen at home. In the case of events such as a fire, water damage, or burglary, you want to make sure your personal items and valuable things are insured. If you have a home contents insurance, you can insure your home contents in the residence where you stay in the Netherlands. Some insurances may also provide travel and baggage insurance; this covers costs for missing, damaged, or stolen baggage when you are travelling abroad.

Legal aid

If, for some reason, you need legal aid and want to hire lawyers, this can be very expensive. If you have legal aid insurance, your insurer can cover the costs of hiring a lawyer.


What are the best international student insurance providers?

A lot of insurance companies offer student packages; complete offers for students with the most relevant types of cover to fit your needs. Other companies have discounts or lower rates for their insurances.

College Life x United Consumers

College Life has partnered up with United Consumers to make it simple for you when applying for health insurance allowance. You'll be taken step-by-step through the entire process online, and will have the choice to customize your own health insurance plan according to your needs. You can sign up for basic care with supplementary care that you can add if you wish. Through the Additional Basic Young Insurance (VGZ) you can add extra coverage of things like dental care, vaccinations, foreign and repatriation care, and physiotherapy, for example. This is an all-in-one package with everything you need, and you don’t have to pay for coverage you don’t think you’ll need. What’s more, this ensures you never pay too much for your student insurance. Try it out now.

ABN Amro

ABN AMRO has an insurance bundle just for students in combination with their Student Package. Within the International Student Insurance, you can be covered by household contents, liability, and accidents. Moreover, if you are an international student who cannot receive Dutch national healthcare, you can add the Global Health University Insurance. To get this, you need to be between 16 and 29, and have an ABN AMRO student bank account. This health insurance covers most common health costs in Holland, such as hospital stays. You can see the pricing and how to put together your package here.


Though Ditzo does not have an insurance package specifically for students, their rates are low enough that they are readily available for students. With Ditzo health insurance, you have the free choice of general practitioner and hospitals. This means that if you need urgent care, for example, you are not restricted to one or a few hospitals; you can choose where you are admitted and therefore where you are insured. Furthermore, you can choose what sort of healthcare you would like and what you want insured. You have the option of customizing your insurance to include cover for things like hospital visits, physiotherapy, dentist, birth control, and glasses, among a long list of others. You can find out more about pricing here. Likewise, Ditzo also has insurances for home contents, legal aid, and travel, to name a few.



With Aon, you have the option of a comprehensive student insurance package. With the Complete package, you are insured for medical costs, repatriation, liability, home contents, accidents, and legal aid. This is specifically meant for international students. One of the best things about this Complete insurance is that you can apply for any sort of Visas you need since health insurance is included. Furthermore, any medical costs whilst studying abroad or on a work placement are also covered by this student insurance. The medical insurance includes general practitioner appointments, dentists, hospital admissions, operations, and medications.

If you already have healthcare, you can choose the Start Plus package, which insures you for all the other above-mentioned events. Additionally, this student insurance covers all other medical costs that aren’t already covered by your existing healthcare.

To conclude, you need to have international student insurance if you are planning on living and studying in the Netherlands. The most important insurance is health insurance, and other coverages like travel, home contents, and legal aid are also good insurances to have.

Find out more about insurances for working students, and about healthcare allowance.