Join the NCCC Traders by Nature

The Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce is an organisation with outspoken Dutch companies active in the Czech Republic. Through College Life, students & young graduates now have a unique opportunity to join as members.

Co-create sustainable impact

In comparison to merely learning about concepts of sustainability such as the circular economy, you can meet CEOs & partners of multinational firms with which you have an opportunity to co-create solutions with a direct positive impact on prosperity and well-being.

accelerating time

Accelerate your networking

Stop attending overcrowded career events with company representatives that might not help you grow in your career. Instead, meet inspiring leaders that can help you on your path to success through extensive knowledge, experience & influence.

Build meaningful relationships

Enough of the 2-minute small talks at career fairs, workshops and presentations. At the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce you’ll have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships at relevant field-specific events. These long-term relationships will enable a perpetual co-learning experience.

multilingual recruitment must target students and graduates
standing out

Stand out and grab attention

The chances of meeting the right person responsible for making hiring decisions is 90% higher at NCCC events in comparison to other career events. Although companies usually send junior representatives to career fairs, since they tend to give you a good insight of what you'll be doing, these representatives usually have no say in the final hiring decision. 

Meet industry experts, informally

Get comfortable and meet professionals in an informal setting. Talk about what interests you and learn about the aspirations of other members in the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce.

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