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Boost awareness of your employer branding

The recruitment funnel starts with awarenesss. You have the ability to dramatically effect this imperative component of the funnel by showcasing your brand's unique culture. Your brand awareness will directly have an impact onthe number of applications you will receive down the line.

Capture the attention of your target audience

To capture the attention of international students & graduates, is to understand how to use the right channels, mediums & timing. College Life Media rigorously evaluates upcoming digital marketing trends and through purely data-driven decision making, implements effective marketing campaigns.

Remove the guesswork from traditional recruitment

Using College Life Work, you will have the ability to understand the conversation rates across your entire recruitment funnel. This enables you to A/B test & optimise each stage effectively using the collected data. Most importantly, you will have the ability to calculate your CPA, CPC & CPH costs in real time.

Discover how Allianz reached 51.526 potential candidates in under 6 weeks

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The success of each and every company is incredibly important to us.


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