The short guide to effective note taking

As students, we have a lot of information to take in, especially related to reading and lecture materials. Therefore it is important to master the art of effective note taking!

So how do you start with effective note taking?


1. Be ready with that stationery

tools for effective note taking

Make sure you have gone stationery shopping before starting the term in order to prepare yourself. This is obviously very important because no pen or pencils won't allow you to take notes in class. Always be ready with your college supplies! If you have language problems, bring a dictionary every day. Besides, it's more comfortable if you do not have to borrow stationery from others, right? 

2. Pick your own style

Everyone have their own way of taking notes. For me personally, as I am a visual learner, I always draw out and color code my notes. The things I draw would of course relate to the topic. For example, when I learn about the types of auditoriums for my drama subject, I drew the shape of the auditorium in my notes. Of course when you draw things out, it doesn't have to be in detail; but just enough so you can remember it well.

3. Be clear, concise, and coherent

effective note taking example

When you're in class and you see the lecturer's long and packed slides, you would usually take note of everything, because for a university student "everything that the lecturer states should be important". Well, I would suggest to just listen and note the most important things. Creating a mind map would be helpful as it maps your mindset, without having to write long-term. Usually this helps if you have to make an essay or other types of writing.

4. Use colors

more tools for effective note taking

According to Science Daily, a research conducted by the University of British Columbia says that color can improve your brain performance and this results in the ability to remember certain things better. So use your highlighter and memos to color key words that are important so you can remember it better and to make finding information a lot easier. I would suggest clicking here to buy the prettiest color coding tools.

5. Sharing is caring

There is nothing wrong with sharing notes with your friends. Who knows, they might have additional information that you haven't note yet!

Effective note taking has never been easier!  Do you have any other tips, no? If you do, just comment below!

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