The Ultimate Way To Apply For Healthcare and Housing Allowances

If you have recently arrived in the Netherlands, you might have a lot on your to-do list. As a matter of fact, finding suitable and affordable housing and a good student job, that you can combine with your studies, is probably among your top priorities. However, once you’ve succeeded with that, there’s another thing you shouldn’t forget about - applying for allowances. Luckily, it is now easier than ever with our new tools for healthcare and housing allowances. So, do not hesitate and read further and learn how these tools work. Find out about the main reasons to try them out!

Healthcare and Housing Allowances in under 5 minutes

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Taking care of all the formalities when you move to a new place can be overwhelming. Especially so, if you’re an international student unfamiliar with the way things are done in the Netherlands. For instance, getting your BSN number, choosing a phone plan, getting an OV chip card,  and opening a Dutch bank account. All of that can take up most of your time during the first months of your new life. Yet, you also need some time for your studies, getting to know the city and meeting new friends. The good news is - our new tool for healthcare and housing allowances can significantly reduce the time you would spend while applying for allowances. In fact, it takes less than 5 minutes to calculate and request your allowance. Hence, it is one thing you can tick off your to-do list and therefore spend your time, for example, by getting to know Dutch culture better.

No Knowledge Of Dutch Necessary

If you moved to the Netherlands only recently it’s very likely that you haven’t learned Dutch yet. While Dutch people have a very high English proficiency level and they’re even voted number one in Europe according to English Proficiency Index, many government sites and documents are available only in Dutch. And if you don’t have a Dutch friend or someone willing to do the translations for you, they can unnecessarily complicate your life. Fortunately, you definitely don’t have to worry about applying for allowances anymore, as our healthcare and housing allowance tools are completely in English. Therefore they’re not only great to save time but also useful to avoid mistakes that arise from misunderstandings or poor translations.

Claim Up To EUR 5,310 Per Year

Managing your finances is one of the main challenges you’ll face when starting your studies in the Netherlands. Whether it’s your first time out of your parent’s nest or you’re already experienced in living on your own; moving to a new place will always come with a new lifestyle and new spending habits. As the Netherlands is one of the most expensive European countries for student housing, a big part of your money will go to your rent. And if you’re a working student, you will need to get Dutch health insurance as well. All of this can add up leaving you with almost no extra money for travelling and entertainment. This is why applying for healthcare and housing allowances is extremely important, especially for low-income students. Depending on your income and living situation, you might receive even more than 5,000 EUR per year in allowances. Think about all the exciting ways you could spend that money! All you have to do is apply for it with our healthcare and housing allowance tools.

Does this all sound convincing? Try out our tools today and experience the most simple and transparent way to request Dutch housing and healthcare allowances.

Have you already applied for these allowances? Connect with us and tell about your experience!

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