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College Life and UnitedConsumers are collaborating on making your life easy. Find the deal that suits you the most by choosing the product or service you'd like to sign up for. Then, simply compare the available offers and select the one that works best for you. Remember, that you can only sign product & service contracts if you meet the following criteria:

1) You have a Dutch bank account (don't have one yet?)
2) You have a Dutch address (don't have one yet?)

It's easier than you might think

Watch this video that will guide you through the entire process on the website of UnitedConsumers. Since the website is in Dutch, we've translated every step to make it easier for you. When you're ready to compare plans, click here.

Contact Support

1) Dial  040 235 05 06

2) Press "4"

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we sign up through College Life?

College Life works directly with United Consumers in order to bring you tailored deals for products & services. Since United Consumers is a consumer collective, all products & services are discounted from their regular rates / tariffs.

What is a consumer collective?

You have probably heard about it: a consumer collective. A collective health insurance for example. You can usually only join the collective through an employer. This is almost impossible for individuals. This is why United Consumers is a consumer collective for everyone. United Consumers offers you benefit on your health insurance, car insurance, energy, mobile subscription and fuel. The company buys products & services in bulk which allows them to get discounts. These discounts are then directly transferred to the offers.

How much data & calling do I need?

This depends on your usage. On average, we recommend signing up for a contract with 2GB of data and at least 150 minutes of calling.

Can I keep my foreign number with my new contract?

No. You must sign up for a new, Dutch number.

How can I contact support?

You can contact support directly at 040 - 235 05 60. Press 1 for utilities, 2 for health insurance, and 4 for telecom

Being an international student often means having to find new subscriptions, especially phone plans. You might prioritize getting a Dutch phone and getting a great SIM plan to talk to your friends back home. College Life knows that this is important for any student, international or not. That’s why we prioritize helping you find exactly the subscription you are looking for.

Under the Telecom section of Deals, you will find information on how to sign-up for phone subscriptions. For instance, you can find cheap phone plans for students with providers like Youfone and Vodafone. Both of these, as well as many others, have great SIM only and prepaid phone plans. You can find phone subscriptions for the best prices, and they are completely customizable in most cases. It’s always a good idea to have a phone plan; when you come to the Netherlands for the first time, you should make sure to get a Dutch number. That will not only save you money, but it’s more practical in the long run.

Furthermore, you can browse telecom companies that provide student internet. Specifically, internet for your apartment or student housing. When you are choosing your provider, you need to make sure it’s student friendly. That’s why you can find companies like Simpel, who provides cheap but excellent student internet. Internet is important (not only because we can’t live without it) when you are a student, since you spend most of your time studying and researching projects and essays.