Everything you need as an international student

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Being an international student means finding practical services and products can be a bit difficult when everything is in Dutch. That's why College Life has all the best student deals for internationals, whether it be home utilities or insurances. We provide the overview of services and products that particular companies offer, in order to make it simple for you to choose. After that, you can try switching the language of the company's website to English, or simply use Google Translate.

Under Finances, you can find companies specializing in bank accounts and other money-related areas. For instance, banks where you can set up student accounts or to apply for debit and credit cards. Under Insurances, you can find companies selling insurances, sometimes specific ones for international students. You can browse insurance providers selling insurance for home contents, healthcare, travel, legal aid and much more. In Shopping, you can find student deals for fashion and product retailers, such as for homeware products or shoes.

Under Travel, you will find services for holiday booking or weekend trips. You can find booking portals, travel comparison sites, rental car booking, or accommodation. In Housing, find companies providing home utilities. This includes energy providers for your home. In Telecommunication, you can search deals ranging from new phones to Wi-Fi. You can find products like phone subscriptions, prepaid or SIM packages, and internet for your phone or home.

All companies that are listed here are trusted partners of ours. You can always compare multiple student deals from various companies to find the best fit for you. We suggest that you prioritize those companies that you recognize in order to accelerate the process of getting the deal that you need. Additionally, if there are any particular deals that you would like to suggest to College Life, you can always contact us. Don't be shy to also ask for particular categories of deals that you simple were not able to find.