Top Ways To Stay Motivated To Study During The Christmas Holidays

The holiday season is one of the most challenging times to motivate yourself to study. Holiday parties, enormous amounts of food, meeting friends and spending time with your family – there are so many things you would rather do. However, you still must be sure you’re ready when the next term starts. Especially if you have exams waiting for you after the holidays. While Christmas holidays are quite distracting, it is not impossible to stay on track with your studies. Here are the best ways to keep yourself motivated!

1. Check your schedule

If you want to stay on track, you need to know your course schedule. In fact, you should be checking it regularly to stay updated with any changes and make sure you’re not falling behind. Check when your next exams, papers or homework are due to and decide which tasks you should prepare over the holidays and which ones can wait until you’re back in university.

2. Planning is everything

After you’ve checked out your assessment calendar, you need to plan out your study time. As you most likely have a lot of activities booked for Christmas holidays, you will have to work around them. Therefore, write down all the parties, shopping or family visits you have planned and see where you have some free time-slots for studying. Start by preparing for the assessments that you will have to hand in right after the holidays.

3. Prepare for Christmas holidays

If you want to do some effective studying, Wikipedia and Google will not be enough. Before you leave the university make sure you have gathered all the resources you will need. Since you might not be able to fit all the books in your suitcase, it’s a good idea to make copies of the necessary chapters or scan them to your computer. In addition, don’t forget your notebooks and other hand-written notes you might find useful.

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4. Reward yourself

Don’t forget to give yourself some positive reinforcement. Most importantly, you shouldn’t feel tired and bored throughout your Christmas holidays. Therefore, reward yourself once in a while. Knowing that some goodies await you ahead, will motivate you to keep on going. If you mix up studying with other more pleasant activities, you won’t be feeling frustrated at a time when you’re supposed to be having fun.

5. Study with your friends

This is a great way to combine productive work with some pleasant activities. So, call your friends and organize a study session together. This way you won’t be feeling that you’re the only one studying over the Christmas holidays when others are having fun. Moreover, collaboration with others will help you stay motivated. And remember that you can always go for drinks or a movie after your study session is over.

6. Study on the go

As an international student, you’re most likely traveling home for Christmas holidays. Therefore, it’s important to remember that the time you spend on a bus, plane or a train can be some valuable study time. In fact, when you make your study plan, make sure you include not only the time you’ll have at home but also the time you’ll spend on the go. However, be smart and plan out some work that’s well suited for being on the go. For instance, it’s a perfect time to do some reading, however, it might not be the best circumstances for writing papers or essays.

7. Escape the distractions

If you’re traveling home for Christmas, it might be quite distracting to study at home. Especially if your family is big. Therefore, try to find a study spot where you’re not surrounded by things you would rather do than study. If you need to focus or do an intense study session, go to the local library or find a place in your home where nothing will distract you.

8. Don't over-do it

Most importantly, make sure you don’t burn out. After all, it’s Christmas holidays. This is a time that's meant for taking a rest and spending time with your dear ones. So, keep in mind that your downtime is just as important as your study time. You should plan your time so you’re able to have fun, get some work done and come back from holidays feeling fresh and ready for the new term.

Have a lovely and balanced Christmas break!

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