Bunq Community: What do you Guys Honestly Think?

How many people do you know that say they love their bank? My guess is not that many. Yet bunq has an entire community where people share their ideas, insights and experiences. And they all love the experience. As someone relatively new to bunq, I decided to dig a little deeper into this bunq community. You know the drill, keep on reading to find out what I discovered.

Together, bunq’s online forum

Bunq users and employees interact with each other on Together, bunq’s online forum. I started exploring Together by posting a question. in which I asked users to share their experiences with bunq. What followed were many testimonials by enthusiastic users, a great way to learn about all of bunq’s features! Some features include the large number of accounts you can have without added costs, the easy to set up and user-friendly app, etc. 

One of the users fondly shared a fun anecdote of a tricky situation, where bunq saved the day:

user experience - bunq community

Testimonial from a bunq user - retrieved from www.together.bunq.com

What goes on in the bunq community

The previous example is only one side of the bunq community. Other than sharing their thoughts and experiences, users also start open discussions and debates! Bunq even has a wish list where users can suggest new features.

An interesting, recently started debate, was about the design of bunq cards. One user pinned a post asking to share possible new designs, in order for other users to comment on them. Moreover, the aim of this post was to spark the interest of the bunq owner(s)/operators and to challenge them for possible future ventures. It came as no surprise that indeed, quite some users responded. Many offered interesting feedback and quite some design ideas were presented. 

user debate - bunq community

Debate from a bunq user - retrieved from www.together.bunq.com

The true power of bunq

Although these are just a few examples from many, these testimonials and open debates, are what can be seen as the true power of bunq. In the early startup stages, companies often struggle to build trust with their audience, especially when it comes to financial topics. However, although some may remain sceptical at first, in bunq's case it looks like the tech firm managed to build an impressive community in a little over three years time. Ranging from debates to questions regarding certain features, or specific requests for future updates, it seems like anything can be discussed in the bunq Together space.

As a user myself, a critical reader AND writer, I have to be honest - bunq keeps on surprising me. On top of that, the bunq community has already proven itself to be useful for me in my personal life and for this article. Every day I keep learning something new about the app.

What do our readers think?

After having a look at the bunq Together community, it is time for our readers to share their personal experiences now. I would love to read your fun testimonials and experiences with the bunq app. Maybe you could even find yourself featured in the next article! If you feel like you want to share something about bunq, make sure to send it to info@collegelife.nl.

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