Breakfast Spots in The Hague: The Short Guide

There is no denying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; A good breakfast will bring a smile to your face for the rest of the day. A bad one will put a frown instead. So, are you ready for the list of top breakfast spots in The Hague?

Let's have a look at the top breakfast spots in the Hague


1. Bagels & Beans

Nothing can beat good toasty bagels for breakfast in the morning! Located in many places in The Hague (although I only go to the one in the City Centre), Bagels & Beans is a café perfect for all those bagel lovers, as they mainly serve bagels. They have an assortment of bagels ranging from sweet ones to savoury ones; not to mention their ultimate speciality, the cream-cheese bagels. In addition, refreshing beverages are also available to help accompany that choice of bagel! Amongst others, they also serve a selection of yoghurt, snacks, salads, muffins, and pies! Also, this is a perfect destination for those opting for a gluten-free or vegan breakfast.

Complete with a cosy ambience, pillows, high-speed wifi, this is the type of café that'll make you stay for hours on end. Price ranges from€3-€12; student-friendly prices. Anyhow, I highly recommend ordering their speciality, the cream-cheese bagel; it is truly a bagel to die for!

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2. Foodzie 

The ultimate guide calls for those who are up for breakfast in a cosy lunchroom that serves you everything from breakfast to lunch to snacks! Located in the City Centre of The Hague, Foodzie has been serving very nice meals since 2014. They serve a variety of meals and beverages, varying from sandwiches, soups, salads, coffee & tea, smoothies, and pastries. Here is the best part: they also do delivery! Ordering this would possible by either going to their website or going to other websites that provide food delivery, such as Thuisbezorgd or Deliveroo.

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3. Happy Tosti Den Haag

The ultimate guide highly recommends this following restaurant: Happy Tosti. This City-Centre located restaurant is one of a kind as it focuses on Tosti's! What are Tosti's you might ask? Well, in English you might know them as grilled cheese toast. However here in the Netherlands, they also come with ham in between. They are really practical meals, perfect for breakfast when paired with coffee, smoothie or even hot cocoa. The restaurant, however, is not limited to Tosti's as they also serve yoghurts, soups, salads, fresh juices, home-made lemonade, organic soft drinks and more!

A fun fact about Happy Tosti is that all ingredients are organic and healthy; you don't have to worry about getting high levels of cholesterol or sugar! Also, out of the 5 café/restaurants listed, this is probably the cheapest one; for example, ordering 5 items may only cost you €10 in total!

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4. Kattencafé Ditjes & Katjes!breakfast spots with cats

Now, this café is my personal favourite on the list of top breakfast spots in the Hague. The ultimate guide calls for all cat lovers to assemble! Located in the The Hague Centrum, In Kattencafé Dijtes & Katjes, you are able to enjoy your meal (be it breakfast or lunch) with cats! Yes, that's right! This is a cat café, thus you are able to play with cats! This café has a really good nuance all around as it looks very aesthetic; a good place for taking Instagram pictures! Furthermore, the café serves breakfast, brunch, cakes, sandwiches, even wine!

Although you do have to make reservations and the price is kind of pricey, doing so is completely worth it as you get to enjoy a meal while being accompanied by a bunch of cats! Plus, they also sell stationeries and tote bags in their collection!

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5. Will’s Pancake House  breakfast spots with pancakges

We cannot complete this list of breakfast spots in the Hague without Will's Pancake House!  It is the go-to breakfast spot if you wanna have a big or full breakfast; or as the Dutch call it, a meal that makes you "machtig". This restaurant serves the ultimate pancakes; any type of pancake you want is available! The types of pancakes range from the basic pancakes with maple syrup to Nutella pancakes topped with strawberries, bananas, chocolate chips and bacon. They also serve gluten-free pancakes; it is healthier and it does not taste any different than the normal pancakes!

We would highly recommend you to come with your friends to as it is a very nice place to meet up in. The people are very nice and friendly; if you tell them that it's your birthday, you can actually get your pancakes for free (although this is rare).

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What are some of your favourite breakfast spots in the Hague? Comment below!

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