Being a student can be very stressful. You have to juggle between classes, assignments, chores, socializing while keeping the bank account under control. If this description seems way too familiar, we've got your back with a list of student bars in Leiden.

Below is a list of the top 5 student bars in Leiden, for all those students who want to socialize on a budget.


The number one student bar for Internationals, Einstein, is a small and cosy pub by a canal. Placed right in the centre of Leiden, it offers a variety of drinks and food at a reasonable price. It is close to Leiden University, making easier to hop in for a beer after class. When there is good weather, you can sit outside and enjoy the view of Leiden while sipping a beer or munching on some snacks.

Einstein is famous for its International Night, in collaboration with the International Student Network: every Wednesday night, the pub turns into a small club where International students can mingle, dance and recharge to reach the weekend without being too stressed. Cheap and cosy, Einstein is a must for all students in Leiden.


This student bar in Leiden is run by volunteering student bartenders. This hidden gem is underground and when you walk in, it offers a variety of entertainment. There are pool tables, ping pong and even a free library for those who love to read while drinking a beer. Pelibar offers cheap cocktails, such as a fishbowl of 0,66ml with shark candies at the bottom. A fishbowl is usually 5 euros, while a shark attack costs 20 euros. Although it is sometimes crowded, you might always run into a friend or someone you know and end up having a fun night.

On Monday, Pelibar hosts bridge club and is inviting for students, and an artsy, alternative crowd. So, if you want to be around friendly bartenders and fellow students, Pelibar is the place for you.

DJs playing at student bars in leiden


This Belgian bar is a bit more expensive compared to other student bars in Leiden, but it is worth mentioning because of the charming interior. A traditional style bar with beautiful decorations and environment, Olivier has a bar made entirely of wood and feels very homey. Olivier is famous for the number of beers it offers, and the relaxed environment. It is a perfect place to catch up with your friends in a relaxed environment and take a break from the hectic routine.

De Twee Spieghels

For jazz lovers, De Twee Spieghels is a must if you love live music and a small intimate venue. Every Monday there is a live band that plays magnificently. You can enjoy a nice glass of wine on a small couch while listening to good music. Because of the tight space, you might not always find a seat, mostly on Monday nights. However, it gives you a chance to socialize with other people, walk around and enjoy the fresh Leiden air.

The bar is next to the Burcht van Leiden, a small castle that allows a great view of Leiden. You can take a break from the music and enjoy the full Leiden experience.


Sometimes you are in the mood to go a bit more wild and dance around. Odessa is the place to be for dancing and having a good time. This bar is quite different from the ones who made this list. It is quite famous for its quirky design, with drawings on walls and fun games such as beer ping pong. You can sing karaoke and meet a lot of young people. The only problem might be the crowd since during weekends it is a bit stuffed. During the summer, you can have happy hour on their water patio and enjoy the sun with a cold beer. Odessa definitely deserves a spot on this list.

These are the best student bars in Leiden, but there is a whole world of student bars to explore in the all of the Netherlands.

Now that you know the best places in Leiden, what are you waiting for? Call all your friends and go check this places out.


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