The best student apps for ultimate efficiency

As students, we are on our phones for a good chunk of the day, not to mention in between classes. Since our phones have become glued to our hands (a saying we’ve heard a lot), we might as well use them to be productive. Time management and efficiency is a big deal when you are in college; you have to balance work, a social life, and time to relax. We know how to use social media as a student, but what about apps? And what about student apps? It’s time to take your apps to the next level: these are the best student apps, from note-taking to event-scheduling. Drumroll, please...

Image of student apps

Top 4 student apps


This app is really useful for managing your schedules. You can schedule your courses, lectures, meetings and also track deadlines and tasks. And all in one place! What’s more, you can enter your course details like office hours and email addresses so you can have them all in one place when you need them. You can also track your GPA or your grades when you input your exam dates. In the free Lite version, you can manage one semester with 5 courses and 15 exams and assignments per course. If you want to go all the way and get the Pro version, you can get more features and cloud sync.


This is no ordinary to-do list, people. Swipes is designed specifically for productivity and prioritization. You can add to-do lists and task management, and collect these from all over the place (like your email or Evernote). If you want, you can prioritize on one task at a time or even plan your day on a timeline. Basically, this is a really efficient task app, great for students who need a bit of help with time management (or for those who just thrive on being organized).

Google Calendar

Yes, you might already have a calendar built into your phone, but trust us, this calendar is better. With Google Calendar, you can sync it with your email account so that any ticket reservations or events that come though your email are automatically added to your agenda. Convenient, right? You can preview your calendar daily, weekly, or monthly, and also colour code. Sounds simple, but it’s really effective and easy on the eyes when you have a lot going on. You can also set reminders and goals, like ‘water plants’ or ‘wash clothes’, which is handy for any students going through a small responsibility-crisis. You can also add other people to your calendar or add your work dates to your personal dates. Very simple, very useful.


If you only get one of these apps, this is the one to get. Evernote is basically the king of productivity apps. You can do anything in Evernote. Like, anything. You can write notes and notebooks, as well as checklists and to-do-lists. You can take notes as text, sketches, audio and video, PDFs…the list goes on and on. You can also use it to plan events and keep up with your schedule. What’s also cool with Evernote is that you can share and collaborate with others on documents; you can annotate documents or even work together on one thing at once. This might even be the ultimate student app!

Image of student using student appsWith these student apps, you’ll be more than prepared to tackle your semester ahead. Use them to help you stay on top of your workload, schedule library cramming sessions with your friends, or to track your grades. In any of those scenarios, we now have an excuse for being on our phones a little bit more than we should…

Do you have any apps for students that you swear by? Comment below!