The best international student jobs ranked from 1 to 5

Calling all international students! Ever thought about working? Working as a student is really cool- you gain experience, meet new people and make some money. But what about the best, and we are talking the best, international student jobs? Which ones are out there, and which ones should you be searching for? We ranked five of them from 1 to 5, and thought about their pros and cons as well. Drumroll, please. Here are the 5 best international student jobs of all time:

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Find the best international student jobs through College Life

You can search our Job Board to find open jobs ranging from internships to part-time to graduate-level. Here, you can find a lot of Dutch-based companies looking for international students to fill positions. This is a portal just for international students looking for the international student jobs! You can also read more about how the Job Board works here. 

What do you need to work in Holland?

First of all, you need to know what exactly it is you need to work in the Netherlands. As an international student, you’ll need a residence permit (which you probably already have) and a working permit. You need to have one if you are of a nationality outside of the EU. There are also restrictions, like you can’t work more than 10 hours a week. If you are an EU student, no worries; you don’t need a permit and you don’t have any restrictions. You can check out more information about working permits for international students on this page.

5. Retail

This is one of the most popular part-time international student jobs because it’s pretty simple and doesn’t require much Dutch. Many stores will be hiring part-time workers, most of them students. Working in retail might include helping in storage, putting out and folding clothes, talking to customers, and working the registers. In the city centres, people are more than happy to speak English, but this is your chance to practice some Dutch! However, be aware that working with tricky customers might gnaw on your patience, and that your hours may not always be so flexible.

4. Waiter

This is also one of the most popular international student jobs, because almost anyone can do it. Working in a restaurant or café can pay quite well, and it’s a good opportunity to practice your Dutch! But don’t worry, this is also a job where you can speak English, because you might also serve tourists and international citizens. You are always busy, have something to do, and tips can be quite a nice perk too. However, pre prepared for long shifts and a hectic work environment.

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3. Bartender

Along the same lines of being a waiter, being a bartender is a great job for those who are social and talkative. You have to be skilled at making drinks (you might even have to take courses) and be prepared to tolerate all kinds of people. Again, this international student job means you can practice your Dutch, but speaking English is totally fine too.

2. Internships

Of course, among the best international student jobs you can also find paid internships. A lot of students either try to find internships during the summer or even work during the semester. You can read more about our guide to finding an internship here. Internships are also a great way to gain experience in your future field! Start-ups are great places to start looking because they might even offer you part-time positions. Lots of Dutch and international start-ups in Holland are in English, since they are globally-orientated. You can usually have flexible hours, or work after your classes in the afternoons. With start-ups, you might even be able to work from home! There are loads of other great reasons to work at start-ups, most of them which we have talked about here. Many positions might include you working with social media or communications, for example, so you could even be a part-time blogger! However, a downside to this type of job is that the hours might be very sporadic, and the pay not always so high.

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1. Working on campus

This might be the best out of all the best international student jobs, because of it’s proximity to where you spend most of your time. A lot of universities have eating facilities, so you could work as a barista or cook. Some even want helpers in IT and computer centers. Another really cool job on campus is as a guide or student representative. Roles in this sort of job can range from organizing student events, being an official university guide, and much more! This is a great job for meeting lots of new people, practicing all your language skills, and working close to home. Plus, you can work in-between, before and after your classes. However, the cons to this is that university jobs are usually seriously competitive. A lot of students want to work on campus, so the availability isn’t always there.


So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a job and start working now! You won't regret it...

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