Arranging Utilities in Holland: A Guide for Beginners

After moving to Holland, you most definitely have to settle in your new home and environment! One of the things on your to-do-list should be arranging utilities. This is only the case if you decided to rent out a place excluding utilities. So, what kind of utilities should you get? Better yet, how can you get them now that you're completely new to the Holland system? Well, follow this guide closely to find out how!

1. Energy (Gas, Electricity, Etc.)

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This is probably the most necessary thing you'll need. Besides, without energy, there won't be any source of power around the house. There are public suppliers of energy and private ones in Holland. You get to decide which one will match suit you better!

We understand that this is most likely the first time you're doing this. And trust us, you're not the only one. For this reason, we've teamed up with United Consumers to make it more simple for you to find a cheap energy supplier. We'll walk you step-by-step through signing up your new home for energy - get started now!


2. Water

Images of arranging utilities

While you can freely choose your provider for energy, you cannot do the same for water. That is because there are only public water providers in the Netherlands. Also, there is roughly only one water provider per town; thus, you have no freedom to choose. For example, if you live in Amsterdam, the supplier would be Waternet. Different than in Groningen, which has WBG. Check out this list of water providers per area.

Warning: at times, the water may stop due to a water plant outage. If this happens, you can call the company right away on their hotline. They will respond very quickly to this matter.

3. Internet

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Probably the most important thing to have in your house besides gas. Without this, you'll be stuck living in the era of no internet connection.  So, there are many types of internet providers. The cost and speed of internet differ from one provider to another. Some of the top providers are:

  1. Ziggo
  2. T-Mobile
  3. KPN
  4. Tele2

We would suggest to not take people's word for internet usage, but just try it yourself. For example, in some places, Ziggo is better than T-Mobile. But, in other places, it may not be.

4. Landline

Images of arranging utilities

Are landlines really necessary? You do have internet and a mobile phone now, right? Nowadays, students mostly rely on their mobile phones.

You can get a land line by going to the internet providers (for the most part, they also provide this). However this time, they will need more information from you. Usually you have to provide the following list of information:

  1. Your valid ID
  2. Residence permit (if you don't have this, then they'll likely ask you to pay a refundable deposit fee)
  3. Rental contract
  4. Bank account details

Also, you are usually required to sign up for at least a year with each provider.

Well, that concludes the guide for arranging utilities. Stay tuned for more!

images of arranging utilities

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