As an international student going to study in a foreign country, one of the most important tasks on your checklist is to arrange health insurance. Many international students tend toward AON student insurance. The Netherlands, however, has many healthcare providers with competitive prices and great services.

We know that the best thing a student can have is a quality product at an affordable price, and that's why we're presenting you with an alternative. College Life is working together with United Consumers to bring to you the best and cheapest health insurance.

Image of AON Student InsurancePrice (Spring 2018)

AON student insurance has higher monthly premiums than United Consumers. The following costs are for basic health insurance via both companies.

AON student insurance

385 euro deductible: 114.17 euros per month

885 euro deductible: 94.47 euros per month

United Consumers

385 euro deductible: 101.35 euros per month

885 euro deductible: 86.35 euros per month

How is United Consumers so cheap? United Consumers acquires large amounts of health services from providers and therefore gets a bulk discount. When United Consumers offers individual health services to you, the consumer, they divide this discount up among individuals. This means you get a unique discount on your health care that you won't get anywhere else.


AON student insurance

AON insurance provides you with one option: basic health insurance. Basic health insurance is necessary when you want to work in the Netherlands, and/or if you are a non-EU citizen. There are various levels of basic health insurance (basiszorgverzekering) that AON does not let you choose from.

United Consumers

United Consumers is extremely flexible in allowing you to choose and build your own insurance package. It provides three levels of health insurance with differing amounts of coverage. Their premiums vary slightly per month.

The most basic health insurance (101.35 euros) provides you with 100% coverage at all medical institutions that are within network, and 70% coverage for out of network medical attention.

The second level of basic health insurance (104.58 euros) is the same as above but offers 80% coverage for out of network medical attention. There are also more in-network medical facilities in this package.

The third and most expensive basic health insurance (109.98 euros) insuresĀ 100% for all in and out of network medical attention.

Once you've chosen one of these basic health insurances, you can also opt to purchase additional supplemental insurances for things like dentistry and international medical care. In this way, you can create your own unique healthcare package.

Image of AON student insuranceAccessibility

AON student insurance

AON student insurance is well-known among international students and universities, and therefore retains a high level of clients. But do you actually know how AON compares to other health insurance companies? You'd have to visit each individual health insurance provider's website in the Netherlands to be able to see how AON compares.

United Consumers

At United Consumers, you can compare everything in one place. In the table, simply click which health insurance company you'd like to compare to United Consumers. The benefits and prices of each are shown in a simple table. This way you can compare quality and price in one place, so you're guaranteed to choose the right option.

So ask yourself this. Are you choosing AON because that's what the rest is doing, or because it best fits your healthcare needs? Studying in the Netherlands is expensive enough, and College Life knows there's no need to overpay for your health insurance.