Join the #BalanceforBetter hackathon in Brussels on March 8 & 9 to compete for the grand prize of €3.000. The challenge awaits you.


College Life presents you the second edition of the Allianz Hackathon. This year's #BalanceForBetter theme focuses on achievements resulting from the right mix of skills & abilities. Register your own team, or let us match you with confirmed participants with whom you will compete for the grand prize.



Who can register?

The registration for the Allianz Hackathon is open to anyone interested in hackathons, including business process experts and designers, process mining experts and process architects, data scientists, artists, developers, startups and students.

What happens if I have no data or insurance knowledge?

We suggest that you create teams with both sets of skills to get the best results. We can also match you with available participants who have registered for the Allianz Hackathon alone and who have complementary skills. For data collection & processing, coaches will be available on-site. Bear in mind that we will take your specificity into account when distributing the prizes.

What’s in it for me?

At the Allianz Hackathon, there will be cash prizes, networking opportunities, knowledge sharing and lots more ?

Can I register alone or do I need to have a team?

You can register for the Allianz Hackathon alone. We will then match you with other participants so that you can form a team.

How many members can be in one team?

A team can be formed of 2 to 5 members. If your team is small (2 members for instance), we might suggest adding some participants that haven't yet joined a team for the Allianz Hackathon.

Will there be food & drinks?
Yes - we will provide you with food and drinks throughout the entire Allianz Hackathon so that you can focus on the competition!
Will you reimburse accommodation & travel expenses?

You can keep working during the night, but there are no beds available. Staying in the office throughout the Allianz Hackathon is not mandatory, and you can go home or to a hotel should you wish to at night. However, no costs involved with your travel expenses and accommodation will be reimbursed by Allianz.

What data will we use?

At the Allianz Hackathon, we will prepare mandatory data sets, but you are welcome to bring additional sets provided it is consistent with ours and you have the right to use them.

Which criteria will you use to select the winners?
At the Allianz Hackathon, the jury will judge presentations using a mix of criteria, taking into account data relevance, clarity, design and benefits for the customers of Allianz.
When is the registration deadline?
You must register for the Allianz Hackathon before March 8, 2019 at 10:00.
What is the location of the hackathon?

The Allianz Hackathon will take place at Lakensestraat 35, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

How can I get to the hackathon?

Book a flight through College Life Travel

Book a train through NS or Thalys

Book a bus through Flixbus