Define your own junior consulting success in the Czech Republic with College Life's Consulting Academy

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Hi there, students 👋

Thank you for organising of the hybrid event with EY Prague; I really enjoyed it and I would like to try out consulting.

Jurisprudence student at University of Vienna


Define your personal mission

Finding out what exactly you want to do after you graduate is a difficult task. Our aim is to help you discover whether working in consulting gives you energy, and if yes, how such energy would manifest itself in a successful career trajectory. Let’s define what you’d enjoy doing in the coming 2-3 years, and focus on achieving exactly that.

Access the right resources

Together with industry experts, the College Life Academy provides you with the right resources that will educate you on working as a consultant. This will provide you with an accurate picture of what your daily tasks would look like, the types of projects you’d work on, the types of departments that exist and the people you’d interact with on daily basis. Take out your notebook, buckle up & get ready.

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Select your desired path

Once you’ve decided that consulting might be right for you, it's time to select a specific career path. Together with EY, we’ve identified two positions that you can apply for, even during the pandemic. The entire recruitment process is online; so sit back, relax and prepare for your interview from the comfort of your bed.

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