5 Freshman Issues You Will Definitely Face at your University

Being a freshman is a moment that every teen awaits. Well, the reason to that is because being a university student is very cool! Then again, the hype in university is different from the one in high school. It also means that you will be facing different problems as well. Then again there are things you have to know and things you will face in university (which are different subjects). In this article, we come up with 5 freshman issues you will definitely face.

Here are the 5 freshman issues you will face in university and how you can handle them.


1. Planning your #OOTD: Outfit of The Day

The starter pack for college kids should be very different than what you need when you were in school. You must have worn uniforms (if you were in a private school) or just regular clothes (public ones). Now, you would need a more variety and type of clothing to use for the following year.

How to handle this:

Make an #OOTD list. Then, divide this list into four categories: Tops, pants, shoes, and accessories. For each category, have an outfit for two sections. The first section would be formal wear; for example, for seminars or presentations. The second section would be informal/everyday wear.

2. When it's hard to adapt...

Although being a freshman is fun, it can also be scary! Why is that? Well, that's because however you look at it, being in university is a whole new world. Also, it brings a whole bunch of new experience. The thing is, new worlds and old ones aren't the same. If you are already a freshman, then you can't give up...or even fake faint.

How to handle this:

Try to list down what you fear when entering your university later on. For example, maybe you have trouble with dealing with lecturers. Truth be told, not all lecturers are mean, but sometimes, there are those who are just plain cruel! In order for lecturers to get a good first impression about you, try not coming late to class. Also, have a positive attitude and participate actively during class. Additionally, try to go beyond what is asked of you when it comes to assignments.

3. University terms/lingo?

Yes, this is one of the 5 freshman issues. By "terms/lingo" in this case, we mean the wording lecturers use to teach and ones you find in books. Surely they would be much harder than the ones you deal with in high school. You have to upgrade and be ready to learn new things. This starts with getting to know the university lingo in and around campus.

How to handle this:

Diligently look for information about your major and the classes you take.

4. Joining student organisations

Many successful people say that their success can be partially attributed to joining student organisations. Why is this? Well, that's because there is a ton of advantages you can get when joining organisations. Especially, in terms of developing your soft skills (skills that are not taught in class).

The problem with student organizations is that it takes a lot of time! This is one of the factors that make students lose interest in joining them. Furthermore, since you are a freshman, it could be quite difficult to juggle everything at the start.

How to handle this:

Know the pros and cons of joining certain student organizations. Additionally, dig deeper into the organization you would like to join. For example, check out their schedules and match them to your own. If they clash, then it's a sign that you probably shouldn't join them.

5. Homesickness

One of the downs of being a freshman is dealing with homesickness. You will most probably have this occur to you during the first few days, weeks, or even months!

How to handle this:

Talk to your parents or close friends once in a while just to check up on them. Doing this will offer you more comfort and will help you stay in touch. Also, given that phone plans are quite affordable nowadays (right now, they start at €4.50 per month), it might come in handy to get a lot of internet data so you can call anyone at any time.

So there you have the top 5 freshman issues you will definitely face! We hope that this article will help you to face university as a freshman better!

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