8 types of college roommates every student will live with

With the Dutch university semester starting up again, we thought it was time to handle a hard-hitting topic. Roommates, of course! At some point in their lives, every student will come across certain types of college roommates. Maybe you are sharing a student apartment with a few other freshmen, or you decided to move in with some friends. One truth remains: we only truly get to know someone once we live with them. With that in mind, let’s talk about the 8 types of roommates you’ll have in college.

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1. The mom or dad

This is the person who keeps everything together – including you. He or she is essentially the mom or dad of the apartment. They know everything… really, everything. They know how to cook, how to clean. They know how to survive alone. Most likely, they also know everything about practicalities like insurances, bank accounts and general adult-ing. They might also be the leader of your friend group, organizing get-togethers and acting as a sort of tour guide through life. In short, they are a life-saver when you need help with something. But, sometimes, they can be a bit too serious, and need a bit of help when it comes to going with the flow. The mom or dad is probably one of the best college roommates to live with, because they are just so helpful (please help us).

2. The passive-aggressive one

Everyone will meet someone like this, even if you don’t live with them. The passive-aggressive one is usually an obsessive cleaner. They want everything perfectly clean, meaning that if you aren’t, you will feel the wrath. Typical behaviour of the passive-aggressive roommate is leaving notes everywhere. Notes like ‘clean up after yourself next time’ or ‘your music is always too loud’. Also, they might go a step further and spam your group chat. Ever gotten a message like ‘I cleaned the entire apartment, maybe next time you guys can show some initiative’? Then you have a passive-aggressive flatmate. But even though they might be taking themselves a bit too seriously, cut them some slack. After all, they are only trying to maintain some semblance of control over your hectic college apartment. If you read our advice on living with roommates, you'll know that organising some sort of cleaning schedule always helps.

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3. The partier

One of the most common types of college roommates you will find is the partier. Given, almost everyone in college parties a bit too hard, occasionally. But this person is out every night. And no, that’s not exaggerating. He or she goes out to bars, clubs and parties almost more times than you go to class. Not that it’s a bad thing, but you hardly ever see them at night. And each time you do see them, they are either getting ready to go out, having pre-drinks with their friends, or coming home after a great time. Yeah, you may sometimes get a case of FOMO, but to be honest, you couldn’t keep up with their lifestyle. A great plus to having this type of college roommate is that always get you into all the parties. It’s a guarantee that you’ll have a good time with them.

4. The ghost

This person is never home. Never. They wake up before you and come home after you’ve gone to bed. To be honest, you don’t really know what they get up to. Maybe they are just busy, you tell yourself. But deep down, you have a feeling they are part of the Illuminati or something. No, just kidding. This person probably has a busy schedule; classes, clubs and their social life are all maxed out. You might see them between their classes, or when they come home to get their gym stuff, but other than that, you hardly see them. They’re a great person, and you don’t really have any complains. They are just very mysterious…

5. The hermit

Then, there’s the one who never leaves home. The hermit is the opposite of ‘the ghost’. Whenever you are at home, so is he or she. You’re not even sure how they pass their classes because they never seem to go to class. Their door is closed, but you know they are home. Another version of this roommate, the ‘Hermit 2.0’ if you will, might also be the one blasting obscenely loud music. And not even music that is somewhat manageable to listen to 24/7. No, this person is either cranking their dubstep or heavy metal to full volume (no offense to dubstep or heavy metal). The hermit is also very mysterious, but you let them do their thing.

6. The thief

Okay, this has got to stop. Who took my leftovers? Actually, we know who did it. There is always that one person who steals things. It starts with borrowing a bit of your toothpaste, and hey, that’s innocent. Then, it moves on to a shirt that you think about months later after you realize you haven’t seen it since they borrowed it. But then it becomes more serious. Your leftovers go missing or that nice yoghurt you bought to treat yourself (hey, it’s the small pleasures that count). At some point, you might even think that you are going crazy. This person acts all innocent, because no, they have no idea how your French press got into their room. You know they don’t do it to spite you, but stick to your own section of the fridge!

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7. The slob

‘The floor is lava, so just throw everything on it’ is their life motto. This is one of the more common college roommates. They always leave their dirty dishes in the sink, and they are constantly leaving a tornado of mess behind them. And after 4 days, that age-old excuse of soaking the dishes in the sink doesn’t work anymore. Their room is even worse, though. Strange, biohazardous food crumbs; empty plastic bottles; dirty laundry… you name it. Their room looks like an episodes of ‘Hoarders’. Luckily you don’t share a room with them, but you do get stressed just catching a glimpse of their mess… They might also be the one who’s broke, because they spent all their money on takeout. ‘Can you buy the toilet paper this time’ sound familiar? Make sure to have an intervention, and at least make them respect your shared spaces!

8. The best of all the college roommates

Finally, we have the perfect roommate. This is someone who has the best of all worlds. They are neat, but not too picky. They have fun, but they also take life seriously when they need to. Also just as clueless as you, but they are willing to learn. And, they are your best friend. If you have someone like this as your flatmate, you got seriously lucky.


Did you just realize your roommate was ‘the one who never leaves’? Or did you just confirm your suspicions that your friend is ‘the slob’? Maybe you even caught a glimpse of yourself in one of these types of college roommates. Everyone has their good and bad side, so don't be too harsh on them. But make sure you hold that slob accountable for their dirty dishes...

What are your experiences with college roommates? Let us know!


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