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Youfone: Targeting the Niche Market of Young Expats for a Telecom Provider

by College Life
Updated on July 5, 2023

Youfone is a telecom provider for Sim Only, TV and Internet subscriptions at reasonable, low prices. College Life has on an on-going collaboration with Youfone Netherlands and Youfone Belgium. The telecom provider alongside its media partner (College Life Media) attracts international, english-speaking customers.


The focus of the collaboration was to launch an inbound marketing campaign for telecom services provided by Youfone. More specifically, the targeted customers, being international students and graduates, would be offered a highly competitive mobile subscription (Sim-Only) services on the Dutch and Belgian market.

The Challenge

All the content on Youfone was in Dutch. This of course, was a huge disadvantage when targeting an international audience with little to no knowledge of the Dutch language.  Hence, the conversion rate for foreign, english-speaking customers was relatively low.

The Process

The plan for the campaign involved laying out all the details for the user flow in the inbound marketing funnel. The steps that needed to be taken were the following:

  • Build a content marketing strategy by creating a complete guide
  • Optimise the telecom landing page for maximum conversion
  • Provide content written in English for Telecom’s unique landing page to build trust with users

The campaign launched all the mapped out steps above using the content marketing strategy. First, College Life published the complete guide about Sim-Only Subscriptions. And, secondly, the team launched a backlink campaign for the complete guide.

The Impact

Within a year (6 February 2020 to 7 February 2021), the collaboration between Youfone (telecom provider) and College Life (the media partner) reached 4,284 international students and graduates with a purchase intent.

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