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How hired 86 Candidates Per Month in 52 Cities

by College Life
Updated on July 18, 2023

Just Eat (also known as Thuisbezorgd) is an online food delivery company with an international reach, primarily based in Europe. College Life Work offered its platform to help find and hire candidates for delivery job roles at Takeaway. 

The Focus

The main goal was to help Thuisbezorgd find and recruit students and graduates in Europe. For our focus, we specifically targeted foreign students and graduates from in following countries:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • Austria 
  • Switzerland

The Challenge

The largest challenge that College Life Work faced was matching supply and demand. We needed to supply all the new candidates for takeaway jobs who were readily available to be onboarded immediately. Further, we needed to demand for new food delivery drivers for specific cities. The demand would apply to all the cities that had spiked in online orders. 

The Solution

By integrating directly with’s planning system, we were able to attract new candidates to the in-demand cities within a short period of time. Such an integration helped us solve the challenge by offering takeaway jobs via College Life. As our platform targets students and graduates, the roles at Thuisbezorgd were more easily accessible for them to find them. 

The Process

College Life Work opted to establish recruitment marketing and talent sourcing objective key results (OKRs). OKRs increase productivity within the team and align goals between executives and individual teams. Moreover, they help identify problems and make improvements. We set the individual stages for every objective so as to maintain a smooth and organized process. Thus, by keeping track of every objective, the campaign maintained its focus and main goal. 

Further, College Life Work identified all the relevant channels that students and graduates use. Using Instagram and Facebook, we reached out to students and graduates to source talent. 

The Campaign Execution

Once everything was set, College Life Work integrated with and launched the landing page on College Life. Through social media automation, the right vacancies were distributed automatically to the right cities. Additionally, by using job alerts, College Life Work was able to notify candidates who were readily available to work. 

The Impact

College Life Work has continued to accommodate Thuisbezorgd in the platform and offer Takeaway jobs to students and graduates all over Europe. There are currently over 600 Takeaway jobs across over 50 cities all over Europe. On average, College Life Work accepts more than 175 job applications per month.

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