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How Swisscare Provided Insurance to 2.258 International Students and Graduates

by College Life
Updated on July 18, 2023

Swisscare provides international travel and health insurance to all expats, travelers, including students as well as graduates that are fresh out of college. College Life has partnered up with Swisscare to make the lives of international students and graduates easier. As a result of the campaign, students and graduates can now apply instantly for worldwide insurance online.

The Focus

College Life opted to provide immediate access to both travel and health insurance in the Netherlands for internationals. More specifically, the insurances offered on the site’s page include:

The Challenge

Creating a page to sign up for travel and health insurance wasn’t enough to attract the students and graduates. Proper knowledge was necessary to help them get a better understanding of the insurance types that exist, what they need them for, and what the application requirements are.

The Solution

As the knowledge provider, College Life created a complete guide to health insurances in the Netherlands for the purpose of educating the target audience on this topic. Thus, once students and graduates read and learn about travel and health insurance via the guide, they can move forward with selecting their preferred insurance solution and signing up for worldwide coverage.

The Process & Execution

To execute the campaign, market research on insurance requirements was conducted by College Life’s team. Second, the team created the complete guide to health insurances, informing students and graduates about travel and health insurance.

Check out our guide to find out more about health insurance in the Netherlands.

The Impact

The partnership has proven to be a success. The campaign converted a total of 2.258 international students and graduates in 2020 alone.

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