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How NCCC Helps Students & Graduates Build a Network

by College Life
Updated on July 5, 2023

The Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce (NCCC) is a non-profit organisation that brings together Dutch companies in the Czech Republic to create a positive impact and prosperity. College Life and NCCC have partnered up  to provide students and graduates with an opportunity to join as members and build a network of professionals on the Czech market.

Partnership Services

The collaboration between the two partners offers various services to students and graduates. More specifically, the distribution partner, College Life provided a 12-month promotion of NCCC as well as a 12-month affiliate campaign through College Life Essentials.  Additionally, the media partner, College Life Media, launched a one-week ‘Awareness’ campaign for NCCC via its social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) twice. Lastly, the recruitment partner, College Life Work, provided three-month active subscriptions on its page twice.

Further, the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce has provided a one-time partner membership.


There were three primary challenges that the campaign aimed to solve:

  • Lack of Awareness. There is a general lack of awareness with regards to students knowing about Chamber of Commerces & understanding what they do .
  • No Engagement. Up to this point, no marketing funnels were built that boost the engagement of students with the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce.
  • No Means of Conversion. As a result of the lack of awareness and engagement as well as the lack of student membership available, it is both infeasible and expensive for this target audience to join the Chamber of Commerce to build network.

The Process & Solutions

In order to solve the challenges, College Life mapped out a strategy that addressed all three of them.

  • Boosting Awareness. By launching a hyper-targeted social media campaign, College Life focused on students that are currently based in the Czech Republic and have lived for at least one month in the Netherlands. This data was publicly available via LinkedIn profiles.
  • Increase Engagement. By building a personal narrative around College Life’s founder - Kristian Voldrich - and his involvement with the Czech-Dutch Chamber of Commerce, the target audience had a relevant context allowing them to understand why they should join the chamber of commerce.
  • Successfully Converting. By allowing students to join their first event hosted by Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce for free, a successful acquisition strategy was built. During the first event, it was important to get to know the students better, understand their wants & needs and in turn, introduce them immediately to the most suitable professionals at that event in order to help the students feel welcome.

The Impact

The impact of the campaign can be identified by the results that comprised the campaign’s process. Specifically, the campaign was introduced to 605 students by having one-on-one conversations between College Life and the students via social channels such as LinkedIn. Secondly, 107 students have successfully enrolled in the 5-email drip campaign. Finally, an estimate of 50-60 students registered for events hosted by NCCC in 2020.

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