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Bierens Group: Award-Winning Employer Branding Campaign Built for Debt Collection Firm

by College Life
Updated on June 20, 2023

Bierens Group is a debt collection firm with an award-winning employer branding film for its innovative, authentic and appealing company culture. Together with College Life Media, our mission to attract and engage with top international young talent by building an authentic employer brand for Bierens was successful.

The Objective

The aim of the campaign was to attract and engage top international talent by building an amplified employer brand.

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges was showing the world that Bierens Group isn’t what one would expect a debt collection firm to be.

  • Breaking the stereotype. One would expect that a debt collection firm to promote their brand in a serious, formal tone, as a means of showing professionalism. However, being informal does not make you unprofessional when your target audience consists of young people. In that case, your employer brand becomes a lot more interesting and approachable. Given that this also reflects the real company culture at Bierens Group, the employer branding film remained authentic.
  • Telling a story within one minute. Most employer branding videos exceed that one-minute limit because they are unable to convey their story in brief.  With the employer branding film created by College Life Media, the entire one-page script was drafted for up to sixty seconds, allowing us to reach this objective without breaking a sweat.
  • Working with employees as actors. Using current employees as actors within the film was a fantastic way to build even more authenticity. Nevertheless, correct planning & execution of this was extremely crucial to producing a successful employer branding film, where employees could act without having any background in this craft.  The important decisions of avoiding dialogue, allowing actors to ‘be themselves & have fun’ and adding a voiceover to narrate the story played an extremely important role.

The Process

The first step to achieving our objective was to establish smaller, more precise and detailed objectives, alongside key results. This allowed us to keep track of our progress and make sure we took the necessary steps required to launch a  successful employer branding campaign.. Next, we identified all the relevant channels actively used by our target audience. That way, we knew the expected tone and the content required to grab the attention of our target audience.

The 12-week campaign consisted of the following structure:

  • Content preparation (3 weeks)
  • Awareness boost (3 weeks)
  • Consideration boost (3 weeks)
  • Conversion boost (3 weeks)

The Results

College Life successfully raised awareness for Bierens through the production and distribution of the award-winning employer branding film. Have a look at it below:

Moreover, engagement with top international young talent became successful through the distribution of micro content across different social media platforms.  Lastly, articles were published across various channels.

The Impact

Bierens was the finalist for Employer Branding Film Category: Large Firms in the Czech “Oscars” 2019, earning second place for Best Employer Branding Film. Bierens’ collaboration with College Life Media helped build an authentic employer brand for themselves allowing them to attract young international talent.

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