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How Allianz Reached 51.526 Potential Candidates in Under 6 Weeks

by College Life
Updated on June 20, 2023

Allianz is a German multinational financial services company with branches in over 70 countries. Forbes considers it to be the world’s 23rd largest public company. Discover how we launched an employer branding campaign for the world’s largest financial services group. With over 92 million customers, 140 thousand employees and revenues of over €130bn, it was time to use new channels to attract top talent.


The focus of the marketing campaign was to attract top international tech talent to Allianz’s Data Team. This talent was to be sourced from Allianz’s II. Benelux Hackathon - an event for which an employer branding campaign was developed by College Life Media.


For Allianz's II. Benelux Hackathon, our role was to be the bridge between Allianz and talent. Our close proximity to the community of young international talent in the Netherlands made it simple to establish a dynamic and effective relationship. This, in turn, helped us set up a successful campaign.

In order to establish this relationship, we needed to activate all of College Life’s social channels and utilize them towards a successful promotion & positioning of the II. Allianz Benelux Hackathon. Parallel to that, our team focused on teaching the implemented strategy to Allianz, thereby allowing the company to grow their own presence across novel social platforms that hadn’t yet been utilised for the purpose of recruitment.


The process was the following:

  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Content creation & scheduling
  • Execution
  • Review

Every single component of our process had a significant impact on the performance of the campaign. The most important component, however, was the discovery stage. When engaging in the discovery stage with Allianz, we had the ability to dive deep and learn what their true recruitment needs were. Only then were we able to address those with the highest priority, create the right strategy for them & execute this strategy via our campaign.


We immediately started addressing the identified needs by creating an elaborate content plan. First, we established the right mix of organic content and paid content. Then, we explored each of their possible medium types which allowed us to appeal to the wide range of content preferences among the target audience.


  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Conversion

Working backward from the final goal - the number of attendees registered - allowed us to establish clear objectives & key results for every stage of the funnel. Using worst-case scenarios, we mapped out the required conversion rates at every stage which later gave us enough room to experiment while safely achieving the goal.


A two-part content strategy was implemented for the purpose of leveraging content by creating more with less.

First, to drive awareness, we created the pillar content - a 45-second teaser with footage from the first edition of the hackathon.

Next, to drive engagement, we created micro-content & focused on boosting engagement by promoting a social media contest. Simultaneously, articles were written on the topic of the hackathon and conversations were initiated on popular messaging platforms to enable one-on-one dialogues between Allianz and prospective event attendees. Here is an example of micro content in the form of a Facebook video clip:

The distribution channels for both the pillar and micro content were carefully pre-selected and planned into the content agenda. This allowed us to achieve maximum reach & engagement across the audience which has a diverse preference for content consumption (e.g video v.s. article).


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