Target the best international students & young alumni from the world's top universities

Smart recruitment of top candidates

College Life has partnered up with 4 top Austrian universities to source qualified candidates for your positions. We focus on building long-term relationships with our target audience by providing valuable resources that set up students & graduates for success. This, combined with the right mix of channels allows us to source you top talent at an accelerated pace.

Finding the right talent using social channels

Fast sourcing using active channels

Source talent quickly through active recruitment. Instead of relying on passive channels that bring inconsistent quantities of applications, find the right candidate in under a week. Make your life easier by connecting your vacancy to your existing ATS solution.

Deep recruitment strategy insights

The transparency of College Life Work allows you to accurately calculate your costs per hire: no more recruitment agency fees & hidden costs. The data provided by our platform will allow you to answer critical questions which allow you to optimise your strategy; which channels are working the best? Where do candidates drop out? Is my job description too long?

In-depth analytics about talent acquisition

Discover how Braskem received 16 qualified candidates within 19 days

How braskem acquired the right talent within a short period of time

GDPR Compliant

College Life takes privacy very seriously. Our platform is fully GDPR-compliant and follows the rules & regulations stipulated by the EU. For more information, read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

GDPR compliance for talent acquisition


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